Home is where the heart is.
I am sure many in a quiet moment can relate…

In each new birth and baby, I grew, and suffered as a part of me tried to stay the same. Possibly this is why we do have children. To become more of ourselves.

I know after gaps between mine – 7 years  then 3, then 8 years between, a different mother emerged for each. I was so much older and living in such a different life with each.

This is the story of how Kathryn’s mother coped with change.
How she worked out how to believe and what to do…when.

It all started when I realised that I needed to know what to do when my first baby was ill. He had a father who was a chronic asthmatic. Who had been ill all his own life. I wondered what was I to do if his son followed suit. My decision was not to allow the random medical fads to take their toll. Or to hope that he grew the most well he could be – into his potential and beyond. To ensure this, I became a natural therapies student – and have continued all this life to uncover any rocks in my way.

For the sake of your children – please research more. I put this page together for my patients and anyone who is interested .. Bio-available ingredients?? What might I mean?? Get rid fo what is not supposed to be within your body. I mention drops . .
They made SUCH a difference – and expense? How much to gain a better life?

She was almost instantly better. . (never fixed – but any tiny win is a bonus). Also on the Glutathione accelerator . . (6 capsules in the morning)

Please at least investigate what nature would have you do first . . .

Can we do better naturally? What about leaving well alone? Why is autism – unknown by most when Kathryn was diagnosed by me – her mum (when she was under one year’s old) now so common?  So obvious were her cues

What has happened?
Maybe ask that of your doctor prior to vaccinating as I did not and Kathryn was so much more damaged after her (unnecessary) MMR injection – I lost all the gains I had helped her with – forever. The horror of being an ex vaccinating mother.