Kathryn photos

This mother has tried so hard to only present the beautiful shots.
These may be the only ones that exist

Little girl lost . .

1994 – About 7 years old
One of the few photos that exist where she is not sucking her thumb.
Passing for normal – except for the small head.
I suspect she was totally present and being absolutely still as she observed life around her.


March 2015 – a bush walking Kathryn.





Kathryn’s amazing ‘foster’ family in NZ.
(Where is she? At head of table in the blue clothes.


January 2015 – I gave her some acupuncture – and she LET ME!!!




Usual look – is so upsetting knowing that she was so ‘with it’ pre MMR . .


Kathryn with presents – December 2016




2016 (30 years old)
Looking SO MUCH like her dad and brother
Decades of thumb sucking.

Teeth all forwards as she has sucked so proficiently – all her life  ..
Unusual to be looking at the camera . .