August 2017 update

What happened?

The medicos can only ever say about what happened to Kathryn as ‘we don’t know’
So me being me – went looking and this is what I found . .

Not politically correct . . .
A potted history of my family history – perhaps stop and think about your own.
I now know too much . .

So (too) much . .

Eventually I started looking through all Dr Suzanne Humphries was posting – and this is after my own researching over the decades . .


What was I thinking letting anyone near my precious baby?
NO vaccines are safe and non are indicated when you are breastfeeding – as I was  . .
And never when immuno-compromised – as she was.
And incidentally – ALL of my kids were jaundiced – well – that in the action of Vit K that I did not even know as given up and what is in that?

Poly sorbate 80 (causes infertility in rats – and they make heir own Vit C to detoxify their lives) .
NEVER a study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated ..


more with Hilary Butler #vaxxed #truth #science #Praybig

Posted by We Are Vaxxed on Sunday, August 6, 2017



I started Kathryn on the ncd liquid activated zeolites


I started Kathryn on a Glutathione accelerator


I went down the rabbit hole.


I started my waking up.

Vaxxed happened

What was said about this


The Vaxxed bus parents stories. .
N of 1 Vaxxed versus Unvaxxed children one family . .
This is also the Vitamin K – Why do we think nature gets it wrong?
Why not let nature birth?
Why not let our Jing unfold as it is to do?
Not interfered with?

All that happened to me and Kathryn Skye and brothers is explainable if you yourself look at the vaccine package inserts. Informed consent – not belligerent medical bullying and punitive Govt actions if you do not just trust. .
I trusted.

I am an ex vaccinating parent

This is the pro life /life affirming
I ‘won’ a lottery that a lot of parents have – when /if we stop and investigate – not believe what the orthodox medical people say and tell us to do . .

God help the Aussie kids and future . . as when all are messed with. .

What do we do then?
Not all parents are inquisitive – stroppy kiwi acu-mums as I was/am natural health care thinkers. .
What to do?
Listen to all of we ex vaccinating parents – do you want what we have?
Measles would have been there and gone
Stuffed for life is stuffed for life.
Children are not supposed to be ill – ever.