About Heather

I have four children – stretched over 18 years and many different lives.
Each had a different mother.
I grew, transformed as I learnt to be. .

IMG_1786Heather Bruce is renowned Internationally for her remarkable work and research on fertility, pregnancy and birthing. She works directly with patients to yield results and also works closely with midwives, students of Acupuncture and the Acupuncture community around the world.

In addition to maintaining a busy private practice, Heather continues to lecture and conduct workshops, both locally and internationally, and spends much of her time in research to contribute to her growing collection of self-help eBooks for clients and practitioners. She has also published several books, DVDs and in 2013 created an app for pregnancy mothers.

Heather has several websites aimed at helping practitioners and patients:

For Practitioners: Sharpen Up Your Results
For Cancer & Meditation: Heather Bruce
For Fertility & Pregnancy: EasyBabies
For Self-Help, Natural Wellbeing Tools: Simple Natural Solutions
Pregnancy App and Informational Site: Heather Says
For Detox: Simple Natural Detox