Brain Injury

This site presently is unfolding and will gradually go through the process of how I lived through this, and how you may also. Sometimes what is needed is a way out.

A plan . . .

When confronted with hearing how badly damaged my baby daughter was, I was lucky enough to hear ‘nothing MEDICALLY  that can be done, not nothing can be done.

Once she was not about to die, the next step was trying to get her to eat, sleep, pooh and be in the world with us, not just locked in her own private inner hell.

I know that when I was in this process, I would try to find something, anything, that showed me that other people had come through this horror intact, and I might find any little tidbit that might help me – as parenting a massively brain injured baby was such an unwanted diversion to life as I knew it, and an uncharted foreign country to be stuck in.

Neurological rehabilitation

Waiting to see the prognosis become the reality was not my choice for my precious daughter. In just a few weeks, a friend found the book ‘Doran’ by Linda Scott, outlining her journey as a single mum raising her damaged son. I felt that my task would be so much easier. That is moot. It did awaken me to what I could do, and beginning with a lookalike start, Skye was on her way at just over 3 1/2  months old – still coming out of the coma and doped up with anti epileptics. A slug, insensate and screaming every inch of the way. The Doman programme saved us, and we never looked back.

Acupuncture theory

If I had my time over again there are many things I would change – one of which would be administering the daily acupuncture she did not get, whilst I was attempting to keep her alive; the breast milk flowing; her at least sometimes poohing and hopefully sleeping – very rarely did 2 of the 3 basics happen.  Life was tricky. Screaming and never settling was not an easy road.

I would never have imagine that her cranial bones would fuse shut. The skull is only growing if the brain is – hers was not.  By age three it was back on the normal growth curve, but so much had been lost.  Autism and then vaccine damage did not help our mission of leading her out into our world.

She had me as a mum first – and being an acupuncturist was way down the list as I advocated for her and kept family life ticking over whilst she screamed and I did not sleep much at night, kept her fully breastfed, and found volunteers and trained them to do what I could find to get her undamaged brain cells to take over what the damaged ones could not.

What I did

Everything I could, and then some.

Frequency, intensity and duration became the mantra.