After coming out of hospital, at 6 weeks of age, baby Skye was a mess. Chiropractic care had always been my first thought with tiny babies, and it proved invaluable when she was so damaged, to free up her circulation.

She looked perfect when born, and now had a head that was misshapen – it surely was giving her headaches . . having a major disease that assaults the brain does that to newborns. Her frontal area bulged up and out, the sides of her head were stoved in and there was a clear delineation were the parietal suture was compressed, meaning her head blossomed out at the middle to the back.. More directly problemmatic was the projectile vomiting.

This had to be fixed as she needed breastfeeding to continue I took her straight around to the chiropractor who had been so very helpful with her older brother all his short life.. Instant improvement – sufficient to have her keeping the milk down for another 5 days .. and it gradually lengthened till she was no longer losing the feed  ..

(Being intubated for a month did not help). But then – prior to this straight after birth she was bringing her milk up through and out her nostrils . . the things you would never read about!! Her head gradually normalised. After the initial one seemed to think that one session every three weeks was sufficient, I realised that he was at a loss, found another – who saw her 4 times the first week and magically released a lot of pressure so she could now find your thumb to suck . .. and her fisted and over that week opened up like a flower!
When he looked all at sea I found another and hence kept chnaging when they seemed to hit a wall – going around back to the initial one and so on over the next many years.

At various times, I found inspired chiropractic therapists. One even came out of retirement (she was in her 80’s) just to work with her. As Kathryn’s autism took over (after the MMR injection at 4 1/2  ) no one could touch her, so no physical therapies were not possible.

Some of these inspired practitioners (always a lot older and in business a long time) also used cranial osteopathy – in fact mainly this. I have thus not a separate area for osteopathy as the worst person to work on her was apparently an amazing cranial therapist – who made her so much worse!! Hence it is impossible to tell – he came so highly recommended . .