Gratitude list – other people’s hearts

1) – Having Sean her then 11 year old brother as a live-in helper meant we could always do 4/5 patterning sessions prior to school /work (every morning without fail) and again catch up what had not been done after Keith and Sean returned home (often) occasionally when the volunteers had not totally present.

Sean also was his mother’s saviour as had Skye not slept, he would be woken 5 ish so I could sleep at least 2 hours, before I got up to organise the day. This happened for the first few years as Skye’s behaviour was so disruptive.

2) – Volunteers – who often stayed to do other things than the programme

3) – Judy Gordon and her helpers – who cooked and assisted minding Josh and doing background work whilst I was to-ing and fro-ing from Healesville.

4) – Those who knew me – as a healer – often came in and helped as friends – as they were ‘free’ and could spare a few hours weekly.

5) – Neighbours and those who came from newspaper and supermarket appeals for help.

6) – Those who just found out – or who knew me and came along to assist

7) – Far too numerous people whose names and contributions I have forgotten – who made my journey so much easier

8) – After 3 ½ when Keith left and Robert stepped in – his presence meant I had a back stop – impossible to carry on without him.

9) – After Hinch programme on TV exposure – Joanne was hired and she was invaluable – for years later as a fall back second mother for Kathryn.

10) – Sarah and then her mum

11) – ?Someone whose name is lost in time, with small kids who had Skye over night several times .  .

12) – Stephanie and George who stood in as grandparents via the Westcare scheme so I had a break on alternate Saturday afternoons.

13) – Westcare respite system that meant on Tuesday nights I could sleep as Kathryn was there on a regular basis. Also had her there a couple of times for up to a week so I could go and have a break in my life (USA seminar and AIDS/yoga retreat/Soul emotional retreat)

14) – John Hunt who took Kathryn on Sunday mornings a few hours

15) – Kumu and her family – especially picking up some of the parenting of Josh I just could not do – to give him sa break from all this activity.

16) – Really far too many people who have slipped out of my consciousness 23 years later . . for which I am deeply sorry as all made my life easier and thus more able to be there for Kathryn and her brothers.