Kathryn Skye’s family of origin

Our Personal Journey

Why did the soul who chose to be here in my life, as Skye manifest the experience?  Was it to teach me to go beyond what had been my previous limits?  Was it to teach me that I, as an ego driven personality was not in charge?  Was it to allow me to finally break through a vast array of issues that had held me stagnant in my life?  Was it to allow the changes wrought in me to totally alter how I was as a person, a mother, a teacher and a therapist?

It did all of these.

Was it just her story? I have not/can not speak for her father. This definitely shaped the lives of her older brothers.  They both had a major role in her growth.  Sean, more as a co-worker, part of the therapy team, a stand-in adult.  Josh (now Ty) as a brother.  The sort who trips you up, hassles you and generally is more real, than those who see you as ‘damaged’.  She was his little sister.  The only baby he knew.  It was often Josh who just knew what it was she was saying, or wanting.  Both sons had very enriched lives as a consequence of sharing their childhood’s with her.

Both sons were invaluable for their mother, to keep a sense of perspective.

Through all of the intense life and near death dramas we experienced, I learnt to step back.  To be guided not by wanting to rescue, but by acknowledging another’s process.  To recognise beyond the apparent, to respect the life force, the currents flowing through the tapestry of what we believe to be our lives, reality more than this ‘here’ and ‘now’.