Manipulating parents to vaccinate without due informed consent

Especially ‘dissing’ those who with more education being the worst offenders – supposedly making the world an unsafe place for the kids who are vaccinated – where is the logic here?

If we are worried about the babies – why are we not ensuring that they are grown as well as possible – and not scanned – as it is not safe – and are hassled out of mums early – possibly because they are not growing well?

Where are the great dietary models and Magnesium and other crucial nutrients pushed to insure the baby is perfectly made – and then we may ask why are there vaccinations like the totally unnecessary at that age (who is going to have unsafe sex or use contaminated needles on baby?)

Hep B injected – to corrupt an immune system which is not yet turned on – as it does not need to be as mum is to be the bridge out to the world?

Questions that a thinking parent may just ask.

It has taken a lot for me to pop up and say my piece – as I know what happens when anyone does around this hallowed topic.  Vaccination saves lives. What do we do when it wrecks them though?
Do we pretend that the parent is misguided?

Had I known what would happen to Kathryn there is no way I would have let her have the MMR – as even if she had all those at once – Vit C frequently, and clever use of homeopathics, lavendar oil in the bath and possibly Chinese herbs and acupuncture would have nailed it – and would not have left her in the mess the vaccine did – forever.  After all I had all those childhood illnesses – and it just meant time off school and being left in  a darkened room (rubella), being bored witless and getting better in time.

We live in First World conditions – s0 surely we can weather these things  as opposed to having the epidemic of peanut survival issues and autism and neurological and immunological tragedies befall our previously well children.

Perhaps some consideration for what nature would be doing to assist – instead of throwing poisons into a newborn’s blood stream.

Placental transmission. Vaginal preparation for the outside world. Colostrum to get the gut in action. Breast milk – preferably for at least 4 months with no other food substances and preferably for at least the 2 years as suggested by the WHO. Why? Natural immunity.

Research this yourself – it is a well known fact that breast milk is immunologically crucial for babies. If there is such worry about the possibility of babies getting disease – keeping them with mum, who is exclusively breastfeeding after a natural vaginal birth is safest.

Why is this not out there? There are some groups of mothers who are trying to let others know so what happened to their child may not happen to them. Perhaps start here and watch what one doctor discovered when she found herself out on a limb when asking why she had to vaccinate her terminally ill renal patients – their immune systems were alreally in strife . ..

Professor Wakefield already had the right idea – seek and find out why. Is vaccinating against MMR safe? Is it what has worked?

Inconvenient though it is – for him. Parents of damaged children at least had  answers. Solutions are often as easy as withdrawing what is making it worse – and alleviating what is possible – not just giving up when it is too hard for the standard medical people.

The message of this site – never stop looking for answers  – ask questions.

Wait for answers. There are no RCT to prove that vaccination is safe. Hence wait till child is old enough and then judiciously apply what you can to be safe in your eyes – as you are the one to wear the consequences. It is all a bit like arguing that the earth is flat – if we all sit about in fear that we might fall off – it is to us. If we on the other hand, go searching, we may well find more.




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