Skye’s mother’s learnings

To complete the picture, to acknowledge the energy giving the structure resonance.  As in the case of the dying baby – when a change was effected in one area, a whole shift in the fabric of all levels of existence.  Consequential to the release of a blockage, all could move on.  Battle ended by appropriate action.

In Skye’s case, the constant battle to Not Be. (here), needing to be addressed, more than the ways she creatively manifested to exist

1) – I came to allow and accept the incredible shifts that needed to happen in order for me to go on to the next step.  I learnt that everything we do as therapists is band-aiding.  Regardless of the apparent causes on this plane, the real reason, acceptance and the understanding, seem to have to come through our time experiencing the fires of life.

2) – The degree of suffering is evidenced by the amount of resistance we put up in not discarding that which no longer serves us.  To be able to cast aside the past, and those conditions and beliefs that hold that past to us, allows us to devise a different set of ‘rules’ in the game of life, to match the present we are in, if we can only be there.

3) – I learnt that this play, the game we see as life can be vastly altered backstage.  In me changing who and what I was, my daughter was granted the space to reassess.  Just as the dying baby’s script was altered when her parents had the courage to confront their worst fears.  Just as the young man who had, until I offered an alternative, thought of himself as ALWAYS AND FOREVER a paraplegic.

4) – Skye showed me how to transcend my own handicaps (what I held dear as my belief systems).  Her labels (blindness, deafness, cerebral palsy, brain injury, profound intellectual impairment, epilepsy, autism) were matched by my own – pride, ego, independence, lack of faith in universal providence, and a general ignorance in thinking that I was in charge.  As I worked through mine, hers moved on.

As I changed and healed, so did she.

Was this a ‘placebo’ effect in some way?  Was it that when I saw her differently, that gave her permission to give it a go?  At times, it seemed so.  Or was it that as she changed, I could?  Ultimately who cares?  If the desired result is achieved because someone believed it to be so, and it was, is this not then healing?  That it is not effected in the orthodox manner is hardly a worry for the recipient.

However, to the observer, ‘unsafe’ may be triggered if the world is not always following ‘the rules’.  After all, this is all ‘anecdotal’.  Where are the double blind trials?  Maybe all a case of misdiagnosis – not really THAT brain injured.  Not really cortically blind, and now seeing well enough to pick little bits off the floor.  Not really THAT damaged, as how could she now possibly have THAT much function?