Stray Thoughts

What is so dreadful about having a massively brain injured daughter?

Seeing her as such, rather than as the whole spirit, who has come here to grow, to teach through example, and through the richness of experience that would have otherwise passed me by.

What is so terrible about being in the spot you personally currently wish you weren’t in?

Seeing it as awful, dreadful, and languishing in the experience, rather than looking at it from a different angle, and cleaning out all those corners that you have hidden from yourself.  Even if they are not the ‘right’ ones to sort out the current situation, they won’t be there to be triggered into action another day, by another incident.

Gathering together people with like belief systems to shore up your position is not likely to do more than make you feel more vindicated in where you stand, and less able to move out of where it is that you are stuck in.

Having Skye in my life touched all those who experienced us.  Hopefully if for no other reason, than a guilty gratitude that it was me walking this path, and not them.  Little did anyone know, that it was me that felt so very grateful, that I had been given the opportunity to see past ‘normal’, and out beyond.