Therapy Journey

This is an incomplete list of the modalities used in the journey of healing for Skye/Kathryn.

As a natural healer and worker of apparent miracles for many others who had crossed my path professionally, having a massively injured newborn meant my life changed irreparably.

I went from dispensing health care to attempting to problem solve where all medical assistance ceased, as she was expected to die. This also meant a collision course of beliefs – I had a task and they thought me demented possibly – as why was I spending all this energy in rescuing a lost cause?

When anyone asked me ‘what do the doctors think?’ (as though they were the last word in any discussion), I would look probably distracted – what to say? Repeat her expected hopeless prognosis – and then say – but what do I do whilst waiting for her to die?

What I did do was seek help where it had shown useful before. And as I looked I found more answers – this was before internet searches. It involved a lot of waiting and a lot of hoping and a lot of serendipidous meetings of those who helped on this path of opening to all that is possible. Everything helped in its own way.

I did all at once as there is no linear progression in life.
Once she was eating food, I value added all that went into her mouth. Whilst she was breastfed (till 2 ¼ years of age) I was taking as much to boost the quality of the nutrition for both of us as there was very little sleep and a lot of near death experiences as Skye battled being here.

Western medicine seemed completely out of its depth – unless she was dying – and only paid attention when this line between extremely unwell and violently ill was crossed. Prior to this, there was no assistance – as there weren’t obvious in blood test markers – although blind Freddy could have picked up on the maternal horror of a baby not behaving in any way as babies do.

Often in her first year as she found yet another obscure disease to pick up I would find myself revisiting the initial two weeks when I knew something was drastically wrong with my precious baby girl and was so awry that I was in such a mess – and yet and no one else was at all interested – until she was completely actively under a virulent neurological attack from what was eventually found out to be toxoplasmotic infection. The paediatrician never once in all the frantic phone calls I made even deigned to take my calls – and all medical interfaces started with ‘what does the paediatrician say?’. What was learnt through that experience was that mothers know best and they are NOT neurotic – if they think / sense there is a problem – there is.

This culminated in the dash to the hospital at 4 ½ months when asked what the matter was – I said – ‘very anxious mother’ and demanded to see the head of the intensive care department – by name. Eventually by finding her file they jumped to it and I was seen by all manner of specialists – and it was determined that she didn’t need a spinal tap = she had Cox Sackie A15 virus – and no treatment was available. I was convinced that it was safe and no further brain injury would result. Unfortunately the initial viral attacks all seem similar. No one but mum had picked up on the initial and most devastating one.

Bronchiolitis followed – and again – a panicked mother and very slothful medical interest.

What to do in the absence of medical attention? There are many routes – I found all helped. Whilst those looking in may think it s borne of desperation – I would ask – what would you do with a dwindling life force of your precious newborn?

When there is no medical hope – and still life – what next?

Not being a praying person – I jumped into action – I had had so many patients over the years get better apparently ‘miraculously’ with what was as common sense to me – I was not about to sit around waiting for the prognosis of blindness, deafness, massive cerebral palsy and epilepsy and profound intellectual impairment to pan out.

All made some difference. Something had to work – and trying everything wouldn’t hurt.  Doing nothing till it was accepted by mainstream thinkers and society somehow was not part of my programme. A case of ‘so what?’ – I couldn’t wait for someone to fund a proposal that would invariably be a drug – there is no drug to help normal after massive brain insult – and if there was it would still need all the other life processes returned to normal – hence the continual use of structural assistance in not just chiropractic but many other forms.

Skye’s life was not a game to me – I had on my horizon getting my and our (other children’s) lives back – I needed results instantly as I had a baby dying, and if not dying setting up for a life of vegetative catastrophic all hours care and non bliss. Had she been massively burnt I would have been remiss in not making her use the pressure suits, in not getting the very best of care available. If she had any medically sanctioned treatment for what she had and I refused it – much like the controversial dangerous and not very successful cancer treatments currently available medically – I would have had her taken off me – see Sarah’s Last Wish and also

Natural therapy inspires us that there are always ways to assist the body to help itself. These are outside what medicine does however and calling helping the body to repair ‘alternative’ and what mainstream does – force and attack – as normal is not helpful in the cases were forcing and attacking are inappropriate.

As with Skye – she needed a brain rebuild. As her mother I was scandalized that she was left to die. Her brain was attacked – and we were just standing by waiting as someone would have in centuries past when a compound fracture meant massive infection and an excruciating lingering death. Nowadays fixed in just a trip to hospital, theatre, and modern drugs and rehabilitation. So too my daughter’s brain surely in a few centuries’ time – us being out of step and in the wrong time and place here and now meant she was seen as scrap heap material by the medicos… I did not write her off so lightly – my heart-felt vested interest showed up for everyone else in the form of maternal bloodymindedness and dogged perserevence followed.

Below is a list of the multiple therapy techniques used during Skye’s life.

1) – Homeopathics and vibrational medicines (via a friend when in hospital, and then as needed)

2) – Naturopathy (when drs had no idea . . prior to first hospitalization, then whenever needed help) Naturopathic remedies – from birth as tried to sort out why different, when medicine was ignoring me till she started fitting and was nearly dead

3) – Bach flower and gem essences to help emotional states she was stuck in (from birth)

4) – Western medicine – crisis management or when everything else no hope.  Not the first point of contact as there was never a solution or a cause shown – and they had been so useless initially, except when fitting uncontrollably, to keep her alive to be such a disturbed, damaged being.

5) – Chiropractic – (projectile vomiting and head shape very wrong – from as soon as out of hospital at 2 months old)  Structure determines function.

5) – Psychic attention  – and healing via a special woman – as also all through pregnancy

6) – Energy and psychic healing –  in pregnancy . . Early life only

7) – Crystals/Marcel Vogel work with psychic (prior to IAHP 16 months)

8) – Kenja (couple of sessions initially – worked wonderfully but husband did not want to persue – before 4 months of age).

9) – Rotational, exclusional diet (from the beginning of solids till she left my care)

10) – Vitamin and mineral therapy still on a partial – vastly reduced when MAX introduced as not needed so much

11) – Chinese herbs (ground up with vitamins and banana before all meals for years from about 2 yo)

12) – Acupuncture (me mostly) Crisis care when nothing else could be done. Until about 2 yo sporadically and then after only last resort when she mad (after MMRI and that year of nearly dying.

13) – Reiki – (to help the extreme hatred she seemed to have) from 7 months to 14 months

14) – Energy work (after IAHP programme finished at 3 yo – 4 1/2 when she was fitting and around that time). . .

15) – Programme – such as it was with a lookalike (3 ½ months to 9 intensively then enhanced till we got accepted by IAHP – large waiting list)

16) – ANSUA a new start for the underachiever (when he was not good enough)

17) – Max Britt and proper IAHP programme (16 months to around 4 yo)

18) – Fetal lamb cell therapy few years from 2 -5 years old

19) – Metaphysical counseling (after programme was mostly over – 3 1/2 ish)

20) – Tibetan Buddhist masters (crisis management when hopelessly possessed .  .various times 5 – 8 yo)

21) – Aura Soma (from time she was 3 – more for me . . .)

22) – Feldenkrais (just once to get her to point feet in shoes – after programme?? 5 ish )

23) – Meditation (me to stay sane and centred) (3yo till baby Ryan born 5 years on)

24) – Point percussion (briefly till my fingers gave out – 3- 4 ish)

25) – Robin and computer homeopathics (around 5 years old)

26) – Sound Therapy Berard style twice then auditory retraining tapes used (after IAHP – 5 ish) see 30) below

27) – Kathleen Rock – amazing Swedish style Shelbay chiropractic (5ish)

28) – Facilitated communication (from when went to school – 4 ½ – 5 ish)

29) – Special school and normal pre school with her own teacher’s aide  (4 ½ – 7)

30) – Wearing headphones with me speaking enhanced through them 4 hours a day . . . post Sound Therapy (4 – 5 ish)

31) – Developmental optometry (4 – 8yo)

32) – Option Process (around 4 ½)

33) – Singing 23rd Psalm (when battling dark forces and Kathryn beyond reaching)

34) – Tara/Buddhist mantras (4 ½ – 8 years old – esp when she was dying after MMR debacle)

In the past +twelve years – when not with me .. but her wonderful foster mother

35) – Stable family background with very consistent and loving parenting from Patricia.

Recently  . .

36) – Liquid activated Zeolites (19 yo to present)

37) – Glutathione accelerator – ( 22 yo to present)


This list above does not include the immensity of human presence for Skye/Kathryn and her mother. (She was Kathryn Skye on her birth certificate and was called Skye as her father wished it till he left and then she was Kathryn Skye as a transitional being and since about 4 ½ has been Kathryn.  The different names also reflected very different beings within – and more on this will appear as her story is downloaded in times to come.  This is a multi dimensional tale.

Without the copious unconditional assistance from a lot of volunteers, nothing would have been possible.

A volunteer’s perspective

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