At some point, before Skye was 4 ½ years old, someone contacted me – and I have no idea how – and wondered if I wanted Skye to be part of a Feldenkrais training programme for students – on that at their final assessment they have to assist a variety of people – and was there anything I wanted her to be able to do . .. how big a list would they like? I wondered . . .

Eventually I decided that life would be easier with her pointing to her feet when I put on her beautiful Osh Kosh boots – as she had such petite limbs and delicate wee ankles, and was supposed to be highly cerebral palsied, I was taking no chances with ankle support – and when a very young baby doesn’t know to point to their toes, putting anything on the feet is tricky.

In her case, the feet were so fragile, and the boots needed filling – with thick socks also . . which meant it was a job to not snap her foot each time a boot went on.

When we got to the Feldenkrais centre they took her away – this in itself was highly unusual. I was not to be present – and I always was.

Some time later they brought her back, and from then on she always pointed to her feet in her boots to assist their going on.

How? No language – she would not be touched. . . no directions would be followed . .
I still have no idea – such a small thing and it made such a colossal difference to our life.

Whomever had her as a subject was an inspired healer from where I stood. . . and although I never used this modality again, all were stepping stones to where we were going – back to the assumed.