I knew nothing about Reiki first hand, at least, not until Skye was in need of urgent healing. I had been vaguely aware of the more ‘out here’ types playing in the edges of healing and New Age stuff – but I  saw myself as a very practical acupuncturist / teacher of acupuncturists, and mother and had no need to explore – until I really did.

A group of new practitioners were somehow in my area and Skye and I started going to them every week for 7 months. Only two weeks were missed – possibly due to Skye’s illness – it was a regular thing as she was actually a lot better when she was having whatever they were doing to her done.

The time away from her meant I was worked on separately – and that was a chance to sleep – as she was not very good at sleeping.

In hindsight, I imagine when I started doing the intensive programme we had no extra time, and the Reiki was discontinued. A few years later I signed up to ‘learn’ how to do it and went onto do the Second Degree Reiki – this meant that I was then able, when holding her, to also be channelling the healing energy.

Life continued and when I was asked if I wanted Beth Gray (the teacher) to do an absent healing on her, I agreed. It was really weird being in a room with possibly several hundred people and having the spirit of my daughter so palpable in the room – she REFUSED to have a bar of the healing – and by the way Kathryn was described – it was exactly her!!!!
Of course as she was apparently highly autistic and massively brain injured and definitely not vocal – it could be said that what was I speaking of? I lived and breathed her energy and hence was aware that the Reiki stuff was as they said it was.

Reiki was always the way to gently cleanse and clear Kathryn – and was invaluable for the first year or so of her life. The two sessions she missed in the 7 month period when she was going weekly made this very obvious. Her mood and her ability to cope with us trying to help her was far better when having Reiki.