What made Heather different?

How did we get to here?

Why is Heather different?

I came into acupuncture via maternity. The year before I had moved to Australia. Whilst it was intended to be a short break to visit my dad’s mother, it was on a one way ticket. I met my first husband – oddly – both of us momentarily in Sydney at a bus stop. This resulted in me living as a ‘hippy’ in a three sided shed in a derelict banana plantation, with no toilet, electricity, phones, water besides a trickle in the creek and a mosquito larvae filled tank.

He was a health nut having received a catastrophic head injury as a teenager in a car accident, now wanting to live better. He was also a very bad asthmatic who had spent his life in and out of hospital, starting as a baby afflicted with horrendous eczema. The only real relief he felt was with weekly acupuncture.

I did not want this for our baby son. He had happened along, i spite of my personal belief that the world was doomed through overpopulation. Deciding to not have children, this maternal complication shaped the rest of this life. In his sixth week of life I found myself in an acupuncture class. Made to happen by my hitchhiking up and down the east coast of Australia weekly, bub on my front, nappies and texts on my back..

The acupuncture course began initially with guest lecturers from Sydney (Acupuncture Colleges Australia, interspersed with our usual lecturer. There was a power play until our initial eclectic energy teacher (ley lines, auras, energy fields in general) was moved on. The next two and half years were flavoured by reality as seen by a pragmatic chiropractor.

I found out later that there are many ways of learning, teaching and practicing acupuncture most are Chinese inspired. We had a dedicated team of healers who were imparting what worked in our culture, and our times. Back to acupuncture. I lived to go to lessons.

Someone was turning my lights on upstairs. I seemed to hear what others didn’t. I made connections which were maybe only there for me. I watched in awe as my teacher altered lives. His clinical stories made a different sense of life for me.